Registeration for Scientific Section

In order to follow the registration process for doubles group, you should click on the link below and continue with the following steps:

  • Specification of 800,000 Rls. In the box
  • Typing the name of the group (e.g. LEADERS)
  • Inserting names, family names, e-mails, mobile phone numbers and phone numbers of group members
  • Application of the request online deposit of the specified amount

Registeration for Research Section

Employees of public and private sectors of industry and all university students especially petroleum engineering students could follow the mentioned steps below to take part in research challenges.

  • Free upload of the proposal of the idea maker at the website of the Olympiad
  • Primary judgment and selection of top ideas
  • Announcement of top groups of each challenge
  • Deposit of 500,000 Rls. by selected idea makers
  • Presentation of the top selected ideas in the day of the Olympiad