The second meeting of steering committee of the second national scientific and research Olympiad of petroleum engineering was held at Sharif University of Technology with the participation of public and private sectors’ managers as well as university instructors on Monday April 14th 2018.

In this meeting, sponsoring companies as well as some of the Olympiad organizers presented their ideas and comments about the event’s plan and aims.

Dr. Cyrus Ghotbi, senior advisor of dean of Sharif University of Technology stated that high number of industrial projects necessitates more support for the university from industrial companies and organizations.

  Also, Mr. Fazel Zadeh, managing director of international Drilling company

Mr. Asgari, managing director of Asmari Fields Technical Services company

Dr. Tahmasbi, managing director of Pars Drilling Fluids company

and Dr. Mansoori head of exploration and exploitation sector of Dana Energy company expressed their ideas on better communication between petroleum companies and organizations and universities.

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